Name:Ferry Incense-holder
Material:Brass, Aluminium

Size:200 x 46 x 12mm
Weight: 221g
Patent No:201830635198.X

An artistic incense-holder carries the relaxing natural breath to you. The process of incense burning is just like a boat floating slowly. In the course of burning, with a combination of the changing incense and the overall modelling, users would feel the originally static product is ‘moving’. It looks just like a boat ferrying towards you fully loaded with faintly leisure breath. It makes traditional incense holders more modern, and differentiates itself from the similar products of other brands with the traditional vintage characteristics they always have


名称: "移舟“ 香插
材料: 铜,铝合金

尺寸:200 x 46 x 12mm
重量: 221g
Patent No: 201830635198.X
设计师: SE Xin