Imposing Manner

Name:Hippo Censer
Material:crystal, aluminium alloy,coloured glaze

Size:90 x 90 x 55mm
Weight: 384g
Patent No: 201830635199.4

Theupper layer is made of aluminum alloy and the half bottom is made of glass. The cosmetic-looking censor looks very modern and more fashionable with the contrast of metal and glass. The hippo can be stored into the round box by turning over the upper lid, easy to carry. It breaks the traditional recognition and impression towards censors, and fits incense products in modern fashionable home decorations. Use the product together with incense coil.

名称: "财大气粗“熏香台
材料:琉璃, 水晶,铝合金

尺寸:90 x 90 x 55mm
重量: 384g
Patent No: 201830635199.4
设计师: SE Xin