Name:Hippo Tea cup
Material:Borosilicate glass, Food grade PP

Size:92 x 92 x 140mm
Weight: 258g
Capacity: 500ml
Patent No: 201930205642.9

Since ancient times, hippo has implied wealth. The heat of water emitted from the nostrils of a hippo embedded on the top lid, like a cool hippo showing its power from head to toe, which makes the product full of fun. Subtly combine animal shape and product function; The smaller stationery product can be endowed with emotion and story line. Full of childishness and playfulness under simple sense,easy to remember the brand; Emphasized the creative design,weakening technologies. If we all keep naivety, perhaps we can be happier in this world,tell people always willing to maintain a Childlike Innocence by design,

名称: "气吞山河“茶杯

尺寸:92 x 92 x 140mm
重量: 258g
容量: 500ml
Patent No: 201930205642.9
设计师: SE Xin